How the Oil is used

Diesel engines run on Peanut Oil !

The Diesel Engine is usually attributed to Rudolf Diesel who was granted a patent for an oil fuelled compression ignition engine in 1893 but others were working on similar theories & designs in the previous years. The idea is that if you compress a carbon based material enough then the heat generated is enough to make it self-ignite hence why there are no spark plugs in diesel engines. Various vegetable oils have been burnt in engines and even coal dust has been used as fuel but don’t try it in your car. When large reserves of sub-surface and undersea mineral oil were discovered then this petroleum derived (derv) fuel oil superseded vegetable based oils.

Under no circumstances can you just pour some old chip oil into the fuel tank of your car and expect to save money on fuel bills.

You will probably end up having to call out a mobile mechanic or have your car towed to a garage for expensive repair work. The petrol and diesel you buy at the pumps today has a bio-fuel/bio-ethanol content added by law. Usually 5% but with a planned ratio of 10% by volume as a way of reducing the mineral oil used in road fuel and to help in reducing vehicle exhaust emissions. Next time you fill up check the labels on the petrol pump for E5 or on diesel pumps B10. This is the only bio-fuel that you should use without in-depth research on your make and model of car. If you drive an old or classic car then do some reading up online about any problems that car has when running on bio-fuels because some are susceptible to damage of seals and pipes.

Where and when your old cooking oil is used:

Old chip oil can be used in some older diesels that have the ‘direct injection system’  but not in most modern engines using the ‘common rail injection system’ that operates at extremely high pressure, the veggie is just too thick and gloopy. Even some old engines don’t react well to being fuelled on Waste Vegetable Oil. There are various treatments involved before any WVO is poured into the tank including settling, de-watering, filtering to various micron levels, centrifugal filtering, blending with a variety of additives and transesterification. There are also modifications that need to be made to the car’s fuel system to enable it to start properly in all weather conditions – veg oil can gel at low temperatures and this would completely immobilise a poorly prepared vehicle!

How to dispose of cooking oil:

If you’ve been searching for ‘used cooking oil collection companies near me’ on Google and that’s how you found us then you have the answer to your question, we just drive round to your location – using chip fryer oil for fuel – and take care of your cooking oil disposal problem for you, we are not a used oil collection business because your old oil is not sold on for profit but used as a bio-fuel, probably within weeks here in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, U.K.

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