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W.V.O. Collections from Business Premises:

You can contact us about having a collection for both rapeseed oil (sometimes called oilseed-rape vegetable oil) or sunflower vegetable oil. If you are a commercial user such as a fast-food shop, hotel or residential home then you will know all about having to comply with legislation and for this compliance we can give you a waste transfer note which meets current of waste vegetable oil for recycling We do not usually collect high fat content waste oil that has a deep layer of white or grey sediment at the bottom of the container or ‘Blended oils’ which have extra food additives.



Used Deep Fat Fryer Oil collections from your home:

Ifchip oil containers for collecting used vegetable oil you have veg oil from your deep fat fryer that you make chips with then we can collect it for recycling so that you don’t have to throw it in the bin where it could end up on a land-fill waste tip. We can bring you a 5 litre container with a wide neck that you can store the veggie oil in until full.


Please include your address and post code and telephone number if using the form below so I can locate you.

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